Huragany i cyklony tropikalne położenie na żywo

Temperatura wody i aktualne położenie cyklonów i huraganów

Anomalia temperatury wody


3 thoughts on “Huragany i cyklony tropikalne położenie na żywo”

  1. On and The Weather Channel you may hear us use the term „Invest” (short for Investigation) followed by the numbers 90 through 99 and either the letter „L” for the Atlantic basin systems or „E” for the eastern Pacific systems.

    These full labels in the Atlantic would be displayed as Invest 90L, Invest 91L, etc. In the eastern Pacific, you would see Invest 90E, Invest 91E, etc.

    This naming convention is used by the National Hurricane Center to identify features they are monitoring for potential future development into a tropical depression or a tropical storm.

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